Teachers, students and staff excited about Learning Spaces Scenario Game!

The discussion and exchange splashed off during the playing of the Learning Spaces Scenario Game on Nov. 29. Teachers, students and staff made a design for a (teaching) space during this meeting of the SIG Learning Spaces with a specific learning scenario as a starting point.

First, the discussion focused on choosing which didactic aspects are important in the chosen scenario. In a challenge-based activity during a course, is the interaction between students important or rather the interaction of the student with the content? Do we still opt for student-teacher interaction or does providing diversity in activities best contribute to achieving the learning objective? And how does that translate to the learning environment? Do we need group tables or rather space for individual study? And how can the teacher monitor progress? And what about if debate is chosen as a form of work?

In the end, all the exchanges of ideas led to creative designs that took shape on the groups' play canvases with the mini-furniture. Even post-its were given new functions as signal flags or acoustic room screens.

At the end, the groups presented their ideas to each other a shared their experiences about their search for the synergy between educational design and learning environment.

Would you also like to think creatively with your team about the synergy between teaching design and learning environments?

Then book a session with the Learning Spaces Scenario Game at FLS@uu.nl or register (also individually) for the workshop on February 1, 3:30 -17:00 pm during the Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days.