Students take a deep dive into 900 years of Utrecht city history

De burgemeester van Utrecht onthult het portret van Trijn van Leemput, één van de portretten 900 jaar Utrecht. Foto: Paulus van Dorsten
The mayor of Utrecht unveils the portrait of Trijn van Leemput, one of the portraits 900 years of Utrecht. Photo: Paulus van Dorsten

Walking through the city of Utrecht you come across more and more posters with contemporary and historical Utrechters on them. The posters are part of the celebration of 900 years of Utrecht city rights, in 2022. For these posters, students of Utrecht University are making stories about all kinds of Utrechters from the past. And they fill Utrecht's historical timeline with beautiful stories.

The main language of this project is Dutch. Further information is therefore available in Dutch.

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