Shortlisted candidates Teacher Awards 2022 announced

Winnaars docentenprijzen 2021
Winners 2021: Lotte Henrichs and Luciel van Vuuren

Utrecht University has awarded the so-called Teacher Awards since 1994, to encourage academic lecturers to continuously improve their teaching and to show them appreciation. The Teacher Awards consist of the Teacher Talent Award, for academic lecturers who have recently started, and the Outstanding Teacher Award, for those lecturers with upwards of five years’ teaching experience. Every year, study associations in Utrecht can nominate a lecturer for these prizes and this year, no fewer than 34 have been nominated.

The jury, comprising of Utrecht lecturers and students, has shortlisted three nominees for the Outstanding Teacher Award and three nominees for the Teaching Talent Award from the submitted lecturers. Criteria include the educational vision of the lecturer, the creation of student interaction and the students’ learning experience.

The shortlist:

Teacher Talent Award:

Outstanding Teacher award:

The winners (one in each category) will be chosen from this nominee shortlist. To decide, the jury will speak with the study associations that nominated the lecturers. The announcement of the winners will take place during Utrecht University’s annual education day: the Onderwijsparade on Thursday March 10th. The official prize ceremony will take place during the University’s Dies Natalis on Friday March 26th. Are you curious to know who will win the much-coveted prizes this year? Visit the Onderwijsparade!


The jury consist of Ronald Bleys (chair), Gerda Andringa, Lorena de Vita, Gery Nijenhuis, Arjen Vredenberg, Frans Pennings, Niels Bovenschen, Dagmar Bon (student Educational Sciences) and Eliane Martens (student Veterinary Medicine). The jury is supported by Marijne Wijnker (Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning).