Responsible Use of AI in Education: A Guide

The Faculty of Humanities has developed educational material to support teachers in incorporating Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, into their courses responsibly.

The project, coordinated by the Centre for Digital Humanities, aims to guide educators in promoting responsible use of AI in education. The material includes two slide decks for both students and teachers, providing background information on Generative AI and guidelines for its responsible deployment.

Additionally, a whitepaper offers more in-depth information, assisting educators in making pedagogical choices aligned with course objectives. The project emphasizes the importance of students adhering to guidelines set by instructors to prevent misuse of Generative AI, considering it as fraud when presented as original work. While responsible use is encouraged, the project also acknowledges challenges in detecting AI-generated content and suggests potential solutions like watermarking or open availability of foundation models.

The team behind the project includes members from the Centre for Digital Humanities, collaborating to address the ethical and educational aspects of integrating Generative AI into academic seIngs.