18 October 2016

Postcolonial Cinemas in Europe. Migration, Identity and Spatiality in Film Genres

Book 'Transnational Cinemas'

Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (Gender Studies) was guest editor for a special issue of Transnational Cinemas. Together with Verena Berger (University of Vienna) she created the issue Postcolonial Cinemas in Europe. Migration, Identity and Spatiality in Film Genres​.

Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi

Transnational migration and questions of identity are amongst the most powerful forces of social  transformation in contemporary Europe. Hence, representations of migrant, exilic and diasporic experiences as well as the dynamics of postmodern multiculturalism have assumed a prominent position over the past three decades in European mainstream and art house cinema.

Located between national, transnational and global modes of production, distribution and reception, these films not only rely on the colonial heritage of Europe’s past, but also on its present-day socio-political and cultural influences. Consequently, both the narration and aesthetics of the so-called ‘postcolonial cinema’ deal with the waves of migrants from Latin America, Africa and Asia moving into the European Union, with inclusion, exclusion and pluriethnicity as well as with modalities of representation and politics of encounter.

Therefore the contributions in this special issue reflect three main key aspects (Europe, postcolonialism, and cinema) which are not separated terms but intertwined and connected with one an other in multiple ways, inflecting and generating a plurality of nuances. With contributions by Dr Christine Quinan, Dr Domitilla Olivieri and Milica Trakilovic MA, all from the department of Gender Studies.