Patti Smith - The New Jerusalem translated by Onno Kosters

The New Jerusalem is the latest book by poet and punk legend Patti Smith. This bilingual English-Dutch prose poem was translated by Dr Onno Kosters (Literature).

The New Jerusalem is a long prose poem in the tradition of St. John and William Blake. It presents a prophetic vision of art and humanity, faith and freedom; a vision of escape from the rituals of power and the mechanisms of social control.

This bilingual, hardbound edition is illustrated with colour photographs and art work by Patti Smith. With an introduction by Rob Riemen exploring the connection between art and spirituality in Patti Smith’s poem and in art more broadly, The New Jerusalem can serve as a reminder of the prophetic power of poetry and a guide to all who need it in these times of resistance.


  • Title: The New Jerusalem
  • Author: Patti Smith, translation by Onno Kosters
  • ISBN: 9789090309798
  • Publisher: Nexus Instituut