New 'Focused on the Future' Podcast Episode: "Communities"

In the podcast series Focused on the Future, individuals, stakeholders, and scientists come together to talk about new views on big issues based on longtermism. In this episode, we look at the communities play in societal changes for the long-term benefit.

Large-scale changes, like the Covid pandemic, make it clear that inequality exists, and is being reinforced as a result. We tend to look at governments for countering inequalities due to these changes, but what role do communities play? How do communities respond?

The main question we explore in this episode: What role do communities play in societal changes for the long-term benefit?

Joining the conversation with our host Glenn van der Burg, this episode's guests include:

  • Mara Yerkes, Sociologist and Professor of Comparative Social Policy at Utrecht University 
  • Mucahid Bayrak, Assistant Professor in Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University
  • Julie Fraser, Assistant Professor with the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University

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Listen to the episode on "Communities"

About Longtermism and the podcast

Organizations and institutions often focus on the short term. Not considering the long-term impact has major implications in global issues such as climate change, poverty, deforestation, religious conflicts and migration. For these major issues we must develop long-term strategies. In the 'Focused on the Future' podcast, scientists and stakeholders come together to discuss new views on big issues based in 'longtermism'. This podcast is an initiative of Utrecht University, specifically the Longtermism Platform within the UU Strategic Theme Institutions for Open Societies.