Podcast: Focused on the Future

Organizations and institutions often focus on the short term. Not considering the long-term impact has major implications in global issues such as climate change, poverty, deforestation, religious conflicts and migration. For these major issues we must develop long-term strategies. In the 'Focused on the Future' Podcast, scientists and stakeholders come together to discuss new views on big issues based in 'longtermism'. This podcast is an initiative of Utrecht University, specifically the Longtermism Platform within the UU Strategic Theme Institutions for Open Societies.

The podcast series has a unique structure wherein stakeholders and scientists perspectives come together to share perspectives and dialogue on long-term thinking. The conversation begins by sharing a perspective on 'longtermism', from which a stakeholder contributes and poses questions that then prompt discussions with scientists and academics in the field. This collective approach seeks to think critically about the notion of 'longtermism' and the potential for long-term thinking to contribute to equitable solutions. 

Podcast Episodes

Want to stay up to date with the latest episodes? All the 'Focused on the Future' podcast episodes can be found here, and can also be listened to on Spotify and Springcast. New episodes are released each month!

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