10 February 2017

Monthly CLUe training: Learning something useful over lunch time

CLUe training #2 on NetLogo

What can you do over lunch time? The monthly CLUe training provides you a good option to get to know some Complexity Science software/packages/numerical methods over lunch time (12:00-13:00), and lunch is provided!

The goal is simple, we hope through a one-hour tutorial on particular Complexity Science software/package/numerical method you will notice its existence, get the general idea of its usage, and get some experience with the basic operations.

If you missed some of the previous CLUe training, you still can check out the information of the Complexity Science software/package/numerical method from our Software page. For the upcoming CLUe training, please check the News & events page.

CLUe Training in 2017:

#1 Fri 27 Jan      Prof. Henk Dijkstra (AUTO: continuation and bifurcation software)
#2 Fri 10 Feb      Dr. Brian Dermody (NetLogo: agent-based modelling software)
#3 Fri 17 Mar      Dr. Giuseppe Soligno (Monte Carlo simulations/simulated annealing algorithm package)
#4 Wed 19 Apr   Davide Liessi (University of Udine, Italy) (Matlab codes: Stability analysis on delayed models)
#5  Fri 12 May    Dr. Ad Feelders (Machine learning package for hand writing recognition)
#6  Fri 23 Jun     Dr. Rense Corten (Gephi: network analysis and visualization software)
#7  Fri 15 Sep      Dr. Qingyi Feng (pyunicorn: complex network and recurrence analysis toolbox)
#8  Fri 20 Oct     Jonas Haslbeck (mgm: time-varying mixed graphical models estimation package)