Knoop x UYA launched on Betweter Festival

Knoop x UYA is a collaboration between the UYA 2021 generation and three artists (Just Rijntjes, Hanna Fleer and Meike Jansen). The project was launched at the Betweter Festival in TivoliVredenburg on September 30th and at the Future Health Expo in the Botanical Garden of the UU on October 6th during the Week van de Wetenschap.

A big red inflatable ball, a large orange pillowed cube and a small purple cuddleble pyramid intent to promote playfulness in academia. Each colorful objects has their own story. While relaxing on and cuddling with the objects, the recorded stories of the objects invite you to reflect on deep questions regarding your own position in the world, about concepts and about the way we perceive others.

By handing out stickers for each object visited, visitors are encouraged to exchange their experiences with the object(s), to exchange their interpretations of the objects and the science they represent. This results in playful conversations between scientists and between scientist and non-scientists.

Do you also want to experience Knoop? Come visit the Future Health Expo in the Botanical Gardens of UU on October 6th! 

Video reportage of the launch of Knoop x UYA on Betweter festival