Jos van der Linden to speak at University College Utrecht Homecoming 2023

jos van der linden

After retiring from his role as Assistant Professor in History in 2020, Jos van der Linden will make a special return to University College Utrecht on 10 June to deliver a keynote speech during the 2023 Alumni Homecoming dinner.

Jos van der Linden joined University College Utrecht right from the start in 1998. Having served as a revered fellow and teacher at UCU for 22 years, he helped shape the History track and courses that delved into fascinating topics such as the Cold War, Nazi Germany, and Great Powers. His courses were widely popular among history majors as well as students who opted for history as an elective.

Jos's profound knowledge and passion for storytelling proved to be a source of inspiration for numerous students, and his teaching style helped transformed many of them into exceptional essay writers. While working as teacher and researcher in Utrecht University’s department of History, Jos was invited to teach a course on Modern History at UCU; the assignment eventually led to his full-time appointment at the College a few years later.

At UCU, Jos had the freedom to impart his wisdom beyond his field of specialization, and he was constantly motivated by the liberal arts philosophy of the College. He greatly enjoyed the stimulating student essays that brought to life the definition of history as the comprehensive study of all facets of human past. He holds dear the memories of his colleagues and students at UCU, and when retiring, eagerly looked forward to spending his retirement on research and writing, including a general study of the Cold War.

During his keynote address at the homecoming dinner, Jos will recount his invaluable experiences at UCU and expound on the significance and allure of history within the context of liberal arts and sciences.

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