Green Challenges: Submit a project idea to improve UU sustainability

Are you a UU student or staff member with an idea to make our campus more socially or environmentally sustainable?

Submit your idea to the Green Challenges campaign! If you are selected as a winner, you can get funding to implement the project, and an opportunity to present your idea to other universities in UNI-ECO's network via the upcoming Uni-Eco Conference, hosted in Utrecht in the spring of 2022!

This challenge was launched by UNI-ECO in partnership with several universities including Utrecht University, through the Green Office.

What’s in it for you

If your idea gets selected, your project will have potential for implementation, and it will receive between €500 - €2000 in funding.

Your team would gain access to a dedicated online space where you will be able to obtain information, exchange ideas and coordinate the implementation of your (mini)project.

Additionally, your team leader or one of your team members can present your (mini)project to teams from other universities in UNI-ECO's network during the Uni-Eco Conference, hosted in springtime 2022 in Utrecht. This will give you a chance to brainstorm with like-minded people, and improve your project idea.

How to participate

You need to be in a team of 2-5 people. You can also submit a project which has already begun. Do you have a nice idea or project, but no team yet? Email the Green Office at so that we check if we can pair you up with someone.

Applications must be submitted within the dedicated platform hosted on the UNI-ECO project website by January 2nd, 2022.

Your project idea needs to fit within one of the four following themes, which were slightly tailoured to suit UU's own needs:

  • Triggering engagement with the SDGs and sustainability
  • Conserving or expanding biodiversity (we are specifically looking for ideas that would affect our indirect impact on global biodiversity)
  • Efficient resource use (for example, of water and electricity)
  • Circular economy

Make sure that your idea is:

  • Feasible
  • High quality
  • Original

You have to be a UU student or staff member to participate.

Download the challenge’s conditions by clicking here: Green Challenge conditions.

The UNI-ECO project is an initiative led by the University of Montpellier in partnership with the University of Barcelona, Utrecht University (through the Green Office), the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and Trinity College Dublin (all members of the CHARM-EU European Universities alliance), as well as the university network UNIMED and the NGO CESIE.

The Green Office is where fresh hearts and minds come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development.