EDI Steering Group member Gönül Dilaver new Programme Director of Biomedical Sciences

Gönül Dilaver, a member of the Steering Committee of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme, was appointed the new Programme Director of the interfaculty Bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences of Utrecht University as of 1 January 2022.

This degree programme is supported by the Faculties of Science, Veterinary Medicine and the coordinating Faculty of Medicine at UMC Utrecht. Gönül succeeds Wim Dictus, who held the position of Programme Director for seventeen years.

​​In the past years, Gönül worked at the also interfaculty Master’s programme Biomedical Sciences. She has carried out many roles there. She was Programme Coordinator and an Education Innovator for a long time, and an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator in the latest years. Within the scope of the latter position, she also leads the platform Diversity and Inclusion in UMC Utrecht. Since 2019, she is also a Senior Fellow of Utrecht University for the theme diversity and inclusion.

She is very experienced in the field of governance and policy of interfaculty biomedical education, has educational-scientific leadership experience in the field of education innovation, and a powerful vision for a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Gönül: “The research field and society are changing. That also requires something different from our students. In order to respond to that better as a Bachelor’s programme of Biomedical Sciences, I want to focus on interdisciplinary, inclusive education and linking up with society. These are three important spearheads. I'm looking forward to working on them together with colleagues!”