Digital Humanities Lab receives grant for project 'Ontraq-H'

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The American History of Economics Society (HES) has awarded the Digital Humanities Lab a grant for an innovative pilot project titled ‘Ontraq-H’.


The project provides for the construction of an online environment that enables users to map networks of historical publications in the field of economics from the eighteenth century onwards. An online tool using Linked Open Data technology will be built with which citation networks can be reconstructed, enabling researchers to explore how and by whom terms and concepts were exchanged over time.

The HES New Initiatives Fund

The project will be jointly implemented with Kingston University's Business School. Its project leaders are José de Kruif (UU Digital Humanities Lab) and Richard van den Berg (Kingston University). The grant was awarded by the New Initiatives Fund of the HES, which supports creative, out-of-the-box proposals. The fund referred to the initiative as a “fascinating project”.