Centre for Digital Humanities launches staff and student education program of Spring 2024

The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) is pleased to present the education program for Spring 2024. Most workshops are tailored for staff and students of the Faculty of Humanities. The lectures are open to all.

The upcoming program includes a variety of brand new digital humanities (DH) workshops, featuring an introduction to web scraping, formatting professional looking documents in LaTeX, and efficiently searching through extensive online newspaper archives. Aditionally, we are introducing a new workshop on the fundamental steps of collecting, constructing, and exploring datasets. The classics are also on the agenda, such as the popular programming language Python, and qualitative data analysis using NVivo software.

Don’t miss Lorena De Vita’s lecture who recently gained access to the personal historical diaries of a German jurist seeking reparations for Holocaust survivors. Through an NWO grant, De Vita initiated a project to utilize Handwritten Character Recognition (HCR) technology to decrypt the diaries.

The CDH also offers one-on-one brainstorming sessions with CDH strategic advisor Antal van den Bosch and an Inspirational Session on how to effectively integrate digital humanities methods into education.

Take a look at the new course offerings.

Responsible GenAI use in education

As we witness the rapid advancements in Generative AI (GenAI), it becomes increasingly important for humanities teachers and students to explore its applications and potential risks. To support this exploration, the CDH organizes GenAI training sessions and discussions tailored for teachers. To stay updated on these initiatives, please subscribe to the CDH newsletter.

The Humanities GenAI team assists in formulating guidelines and advice, focusing on the ethical considerations and didactical aspects essential for engaging with GenAI. Read their advice and background.

About the CDH

The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) aims to empower all Faculty of Humanities staff and students by enriching their digital and computational competencies and fostering an ethical and critical DH approach. Our services include DH staff courses, weekly walk-in hours, tailored research software development, guidance on technical solutions and computational methods in research and education, and assistance with digital components in funding applications.