Call for proposals: USO Education Innovation 2023

Utrecht University is committed to developing a to a future-proof educational culture focused on quality and innovation. Interfaculty projects that innovate and improve education are made possible annually by the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund (USO).

1. USO Educational Innovation and USO consolidation

This call for interfaculty USO innovation projects focuses on applications that can improve education at the UU with an innovative idea. There is also a call for USO consolidation projects, which focuses on developing a business case for embedding educational innovations in the organisation, or bringing them to the market and making them sustainable.

Click here for the call for proposals for USO Consolidation

2. Innovation projects: Themes

Because of Corona, we have learned a lot in the past period about the important role that the university plays in the formation of an academic community and the subjectification of our students. It has also made us rethink assessment and how we monitor our students' study progress.

This year, four themes have been defined in which projects up to €250,000 can be applied for.


3. Terms and conditions

These cross faculty USO projects with a maximum duration of 3 years have a faculty-transcending character and are therefore submitted by more than one faculty. We only grant projects that are not funded by the primary education process.

4. Procedure

Teachers can apply as consortium members. If teachers already have an idea and would like to be project leaders, they can apply as consortium leaders with a rough idea. A consortium co-leadership is also an option. The USO committee selects consortium leaders and members. Subsequently, teachers can join the ideas of the consortium leaders during a matchmaking meeting. After that, a consortium leader submits a brief proposal (1st round) and later a detailed proposal and pitch (2nd round).

You can apply as a consortium leader or consortium member until September 23 by submitting your motivation (300 words), reflection on the theme (300 words) and your educational CV (max 2 A4). Consortium leaders also apply with a rough idea of their project and what the consortium should look like for a successful project.

When applying as a consortium member, applicants discuss this beforehand with their educational director and manager. Consortium leaders also discuss this in advance with their vice dean for education and dean. The proposal is ultimately submitted by the dean of the lead faculty on behalf of the consortium. It is therefore important that the consortium leader informs the dean in time.


5. Evaluation criteria

6. Application forms

Due to the international composition of the evaluation committee we ask you to fill out all forms in English.

All previously completed and ongoing USO projects can be found in the CAT Teaching and Learning Collection. On Tuesday 28 June 2022, there will be an information session on educational innovation grants during the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week. Want to know more? Read more about the Utrechts Stimuleringsfonds Onderwijs or contact the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning with questions at