Utrecht Education Incentive Fund

Studenten krijgen les door middel van blended learning
Blended learning: van USO project naar programma Educate-it

How do you let students carry out many experiments early on in their degree programmes? How do you improve their language capabilities? And how do you ensure that lecturers learn as much from each other as possible? These are some of the many questions to which the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund initiates the answers.

The Utrecht Education Incentive Fund was founded to improve the professionalization of lecturers and to encourage education innovations. Lecturers at Utrecht University nominate projects in the fields of (digital) didactics & testing, activated learning, matching & selection, honours programmes and the Master's graduate studies. Accepted projects are carried out by the lecturers themselves.

Two million euros

Every year, the Executive Board allocates 2 million euros to promising projects, of which 1 million euros are spent on small-scale, faculty projects and 1 million on projects in which several faculties work together. These proposals are assessed for the allocation by a committee that is assigned by the Centre for Academic Teaching since 2017.

Projects are eligible when they:

  • convincingly contribute to educational innovation and improve the overall quality of education at Utrecht University: the bigger the impact, the better;
  • transcend the standard evaluation- and improvement cycle of a study program or faculty;
  • are in line with the strategic plan of Utrecht University;
  • are supported by at least two faculties;
  • have a maximum duration of three years;
  • have a minimum budget of €85,000 and a maximum budget of €250,000

Procedure 2020

For the call for proposals and more more information on the filing of project propositions, please read the intranet page (only accessible to Utrecht University employees).

Would you like to know more about the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund? Please contact cat@uu.nl.

Deadlines USO round 2020 (universitary-wide segment)
20 June 2019

Information meeting for teachers with information about spearheads, guidelines and procedure and the opportunity to meet other teachers; Project database available on the website.

1 November 2019, 12.00

Deadline for submitting applications for projects from the university compartment to the assessment committee (first round)

December 2019

Results first round: project leaders of the most promising projects are requested to submit more detailed project proposals for the second round.

31 January 2020

Deadline for submission of detailed project proposals (including EMP hours) (second round)

February 2020

Project leaders present detailed project proposal to the assessment committee

1 March 2020

The CAT Board determines the allocation of the university segment.

1 September 2020

Projects are launched

In the Educational Database, you can find the project descriptions and (preliminary) results of all USO-projects.

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