Agreements on surface water and groundwater between EU member states too vague

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rivier in Nederland

International rivers that flow into the sea in the Netherlands, including the Meuse, the Rhine river and the Scheldt, cross other European countries polluting the water. Due to the accumulation of waste pollution in various countries situated in the area of a river, the water quality in the Netherlands is below standards.

In an interview on, prof. Marleen van Rijswick argues that European regulations in the area of surface and groundwater are inadequate; countries are primarily responsible for the river water quality in their own country - and evenĀ  the standard there is regularly not met - and are subsequently too little concerned about the water quality of their neighbours. The Netherlands, and its rivers, will benefit from stricter European rules. Nevertheless, making agreements between countries is politically complex, especially given the existence of powerful agricultural and industrial lobbies. In order to make joint agreements, we will have to feel jointly responsible for the quality of the water in a shared river basin, according to prof. Marleen van Rijswick.