Read what current and former students say about their study choice and experiences with the programme.

Pablo Tapia Martín, student

"I would like to work in a biotech/pharmaceutical company and play a key role in taking new therapies to the market"

I did my Bachelors in Biotechnology in Spain. Even though I love science, I do not see myself working in a lab all my life, but I do really enjoy the innovation process of applying scientific discoveries to impact society. That is why I chose to pursue a master in Science and Business Management, because someday I would like to work in a biotech/pharmaceutical company and play a key role in taking new therapies to the market.

I believe that the combination of a research project with the theoretical and practical business training of SBM is the best way to complete my scientific background and acquire some expertise in business knowledge to access the job market. At this moment I have already completed the research project of the first year, which was a great experience and by no means a lot of work, and I am excited to start now with the FBE business courses.

René Mulder, alumnus

"The SBM-master was pivotal in my success"

The Master Science and Business Management makes you the ideal candidate for a wide variety of positions and organizations that will help you jump-start your career. I was astounded by the level of interest shown after I graduated, as well as the variety of the options available to me.

‘I always describe the FBE program as a ‘mini-MBA’ as the courses given, resemble those of a true MBA and the professors often also teach at the Nyenrode Business University. It is however tailored towards beta-scientists, resulting in a very high pace and focus on cooperative working.

Although I started with a Bachelor in Biology, I began working in the IT Security sector as IT has always been an interest of mine. Since then, I was able to grow within the company to become a subject matter expert and grew into a management position.

Given the fact that I was sure that I wanted a career outside of science, I am convinced that having done the SBM-master was pivotal in my success. If you are sure of that too, I highly recommend this Master.’