Read what current and former students say about their study choice and experiences with the programme.

Pablo Tapia Martín, student

"I would like to work in a biotech/pharmaceutical company and play a key role in taking new therapies to the market"

I did my Bachelors in Biotechnology in Spain. Even though I love science, I do not see myself working in a lab all my life, but I do really enjoy the innovation process of applying scientific discoveries to impact society. That is why I chose to pursue a master in Science and Business Management, because someday I would like to work in a biotech/pharmaceutical company and play a key role in taking new therapies to the market.

I believe that the combination of a research project with the theoretical and practical business training of SBM is the best way to complete my scientific background and acquire some expertise in business knowledge to access the job market. At this moment I have already completed the research project of the first year, which was a great experience and by no means a lot of work, and I am excited to start now with the FBE business courses.

Nadi Shahid

Portrait of Nadi Shahid

“Especially for your first research project, take your time to explore your options!”

What makes this programme unique in your eyes?
Science and Business Management is the perfect programme for those that like science, but feel like their skills are better suited for a role outside of academia. You still build upon the scientific foundation you have from your Bachelor's degree through a first year of only research, but you also broaden your horizons with the Fundamental of Business Economics (FBE) courses. Apart from research, you learn about how business works and how science plays a role there. This way, you are both ready to tackle a PhD as well as to take on a management role in a company or to work as a consultant.

Are there any misconceptions about this programme, can you name them?
It is important to realize that Science and Business Management is still considered a research Master. That means you will spend a considerable amount of time doing research. In fact, this is what your entire first year is all about. The business part only comes a year later.

What is the biggest challenge of this programme?
The biggest challenge for me was to stay in touch with my peers from my cohort. Because you do not have any courses together in the first year, it can be hard to meet people from the programme. But so far in my second year, I am having a lot of fun with these people, and we all the share the same drive as we work together on our assignments.

And thinking ahead… to PhD or not to PhD? What would you say?
Many of the students in our programme actually fancy a career in consultancy. It is a perfect bridge between your scientific background and the business world, as you more or less advise a range of companies on how to solve their problems, based on your expertise and problem-solving skills. I personally do not want to do a PhD, because I am very excited to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I came to this Master’s to prepare myself for a career in this industry and I am still planning to do so!”