The Master’s in Law and Economics delivered everything I was looking for

Yibo Li

I came to Utrecht University excited to explore the economic analysis of law and solve ethical challenges from a legal and economic perspective. I’m happy to report that the Master’s in Law and Economics has given me everything I was looking for.

The programme taught me to apply economic theory to complex legal questions and to unpick the many connections between law and economics. In the first semester, we were introduced to EU competition law and regulatory law, and learned about the supervision of the EU common market. Meanwhile, courses centred on methodology helped students from different academic backgrounds to understand both law and economic theory. In the second semester, we were offered a choice of nearly 20 elective courses, which allowed us to dive deeper into specific fields depending on our own interests. After completing the elective courses, I wrote my thesis on the regulation of autonomous vehicles, applying the knowledge I learned from all the different areas of study.

The programme is challenging but extremely enjoyable. It involves a strong level of legal and economic knowledge. The Utrecht University also sets high expectations and academic requirements for its students, though the law faculty’s coordinators and professors are very supportive, patient and always willing to help. This made my life in Utrecht easy and allowed me to focus on my studies. Undertaking this Master’s at Utrecht University has been a wonderful journey, and I wish the same for anyone following in my footsteps!

Yibo Li (China), LLM Law and Economics

The programme taught me to look critically at legal arguments from a different perspective

Philine Wassenaar

As a recent graduate of the LLM Law and Economics programme, I’m extremely grateful for the skills and lessons I’ve learned over the past year. As well as enjoying great lectures and seminars given by experts in their field, we were encouraged to think outside of the box and develop a wide range of soft and hard skills. From presenting and pleading cases to writing papers and blogs, and even recording our own podcasts. Moreover, as a law student participating in the programme, I was taught to look at legal arguments from an economist’s perspective. This entirely new way of thinking has strengthened my ability to look critically at legal arguments from a different perspective and broadened my thinking as a lawyer. This really makes our programme stand out from all the other courses out there!

Despite the programme taking place online for the most part due to the pandemic, the staff members were always supportive and willing to help students out. It was easy to reach them, and they were always happy to listen and to receive our feedback. It was also amazing to see students making time available to help each other out, even if many of us had never actually met in ‘real life’.

This Master’s has prepared me for life beyond university. It has taught me to manage my time efficiently, think critically and make the most of the opportunities offered to me. I loved that our professors came from such a wide variety of backgrounds and (legal) professions. As students, we were able to see the many diverse career paths open to us as Law and Economics graduates.

Philine Wassenaar (The Netherlands), LLM Law and Economics

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