Study Programme

The academic year consists of two joint courses (worth 5 EC each) with MSc students from the Master Strategy, Competition and Regulation, four compulsary courses and a number of electives (Capita Selecta) designed for this LLM and a master thesis concludes this programme.

You can also download the Master's programme Law and Economics year schedule as a PDF file for easy reference. Please note that the names of the courses may change next year.

Key focus of this programme


The key focus of this programme can be best described with the question of when to regulate and supervise markets instead of allowing for free competition and laissez-faire? The compulsory and elective Capita Selecta modules delve into the various individual aspects of this overarching question using insights from both economics and law. For instance, the courses on competition law look into the issues of how to achieve fair competition, efficient and yet responsible markets while the courses on regulation and supervision of markets look into the issues of how rules and enforcement of them have been organized and to what extent the policy objectives in various regulated sectors can be achieved and if not, what changes could be necessary and how such changes could be done. 

All in all, the programme provides you with a profound understanding of the key legal issues of market regulation and supervision, topped with a sound knowledge of the economic theories involved. For those students with bachelor in Dutch law this track can lead to the Dutch ‘civiel effect’ qualification (if bachelor requirements are met), it prepares you not only for corporate practice and working in regulatory and supervisory agencies, but also for law practice, both in leading law firms and niche-players focusing on competition law, regulation and supervision in various sectors. 

Educational and examination methods

Below you can see an overview of the educational and examination methods in this programme.          


The programme encourages and facilitates internships. Doing an internship may entitle you to an extended enrolment in this programme.

Legal Skills Academy

The School of Law takes skills-teaching seriously, integrating professional, legal practice and academic skills into all our Masters’ curricula. Its new Legal Skills Academy puts skills-teaching in the spotlight, so that by the time you finish your Masters you have not only become proficient in the complexities of the Legal Research programme, but you also have the confidence and skills needed to perform as a professional in legal practice. Your participation in inter alia moot courts, blog-writing and simulated negotiations will give you valuable experience in applied lawyering that will help your CV stand out in a competitive job market.

Extra opportunities

Utrecht University offers several honours programmes for students looking for an extra challenge. Honours education is followed on top of your regular Master's programme and goes beyond the regular curriculum.

Read more about the honours programmes

Academic Calender

The programme is divided into two semesters, running from September until January and from February till June. A semester is divided into two blocks. A short break is taken over Christmas, and a graduation ceremony is held in August. Consult our Academic Calendar, where you can find more information about the Master's schedule per period, course registration periods and holidays.