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Alumna Fieke Veringa

What stood out for me was the opportunity to ‘do’ criminology during the programme

The Master’s programme in Global Criminology at Utrecht University introduced me to a wide range of criminological theory and research across a broad range of topics. Having mainly focused on more traditional themes such as prison and policing during my undergraduate degree in the UK, the critical, transnational dimensions of the Master’s programme in Utrecht expanded my understanding of criminology as a discipline and exposed me to its broader theoretical and empirical relevance across a host of contemporary issues and debates.

In addition to ‘learning’ about theoretical and empirical criminology, what stood out for me was the opportunity to ‘do’ criminology during the programme. Several of the module assessments required the completion of our own empirical research projects, requiring us to put into practice what was taught during the methodological modules. Not only was this a challenging and engaging way to process what was taught in the classroom, it also helped build my confidence as a criminological researcher and gave me invaluable experience in conducting qualitative, empirical fieldwork.

Another standout element of the programme was the social dynamic; I met students from all around the world, with several now being amongst my closest friends. We also had opportunities to meet criminologists from other international universities at the Common Sessions conferences. The social dynamic also extended to the course lecturers, not only did they provide excellent support, guidance, and tuition as teachers, they were also approachable and friendly in a manner similar to colleagues.

The knowledge, skills, contacts, and overall experienced I gained during the Master’s programme ultimately helped me gain a PhD studentship with a prestigious research council, and I’m now conducting criminological research across the Netherlands, United States and South America.

Richard Alexander (United Kingdom), MA Global Criminology 

It is a small-scale informal, though professional, programme in which constant interaction is key

Today, I’m still very happy that I made the choice to do a second master. The Master’s programme in Global Criminology was a completely new experience at Utrecht University and went beyond my expectations!

It is a small-scale informal, though professional, programme in which constant interaction is key. The lecturers are all very passionate and knowledgeable about a broad range of socially relevant subjects, and they really enthuse and inspire you about exploring and carrying out qualitative research and critical thinking. This programme doesn’t include any exams, instead you have to write papers on a regular basis, give presentations and write a thesis.  You  get a lot of freedom - and responsibility - to choose your topics for all these assignments, which enables you to place your own interests in a criminological perspective. As a result of this active learning approach, you gather solid research skills and in-depth knowledge about different subjects in a relatively short time frame.

From the start of my master, I had a special interest for global issues such as environmental crime, organizational crime and crimes of the powerful. During the programme my interest in the field of green criminology - and especially food crime - increased. Therefore, I was pleased that after completing the Master’s programme, I could start working at the criminal investigation service (IOD) of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). I worked at the NVWA-IOD for five years, in different intelligence and research positions. I gained a lot of practical experience, as well as specific knowledge about the food and agricultural system and juridical frameworks. However, at some point I missed being intellectually stimulated. Therefore, I was really glad that a teaching position at the criminology department of Utrecht University opened up and that I can now call myself a staff member!

— Anne Mariet (The Netherlands), MA Global Criminology 

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