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Would you like to get to know this Master's programme? On this page you will find when to visit our Master's Open Day, stories of our students, our teaching staff from the Willem Pompe Institute and what our study association Criminologists Crossing Borders can do for you. 


Attend our Master’s Open Days (each year in October and February) and learn more about Global Criminology at Utrecht University. Nearly all of Utrecht University’s Master’s programmes will be represented at this event, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and to talk to lecturers, students, alumni and student advisers.

Next Master's Open Day

The next Master's Open Day will take place on Wednesday 9 October. More information can be found on this webpage or click on the button below to register:

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I appreciated the effort to create a diverse student body

Criminological research at the Willem Pompe Institute

The MA in Global Criminology curriculum closely reflects the staff’s research interests and expertise. Criminological research at the Willem Pompe Institute at Utrecht University is multidisciplinary and critical, with a strong international and comparative dimension. The research staff work on both small and larger research projects, mainly in cooperation with anthropologists, psychologists and criminal lawyers. The research is predominantly based on qualitative and ethnographic methods (fieldwork) combined with normative and legal approaches.

Study Association

Utrecht University hosts a very active study association for Global Criminology students: Criminologists Crossing Borders. Read more about Criminologists Crossing Borders on this page