Book release: Migration, diversity and inequality in a later life

Recently a book was released by Dora Sampaio, member of the UU focus area Migration and Societal Change, on migration, diversity, and inequality in later life.

About the book

Migration and ageing are two defining global issues of our time. Dora Sampaio’s book offers a comprehensive ethnographic study of the diversity of living and ageing experiences of three groups of older migrants – return, lifestyle and ageing-in-place labour migrants – from a comparative perspective. It explores the motivations, ageing experiences and aspirations of transnational ageing migrants in the context of the Portuguese islands of the Azores and situates the research within debates of the ageing-migration nexus. The book’s interdisciplinary approach to transnational embodied and emplaced experiences of ageing facilitates a dialogue between various fields concerned with mobilities and ageing, including geography, anthropology, sociology, social gerontology, social work, and studies of health and wellbeing. 

 The book captures contrasting motivations, experiences and aspirations of different groups of later life migrants, who are united in a shared desire to live a ‘good life’ but have unequal resources to achieve this.


Dora Sampaio is Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Utrecht University. She is also Research Associate with the Max Planck Research Group ‘Ageing in a Time of Mobility’. Her research interests are on migration, transnational families, care and the life course. She is currently working on a project on older migrants’ experiences of urban displacement in rapidly changing urban areas.

Link to book