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Working from home (remote working, teleworking) is of course a key development in the geography of work since the pandemic. Among the manifold implications of that crisis for workers, firms and regions, two developments stand out: the technological improvements, and institutional developments within organizations. Smart technologies can now lead to an “optional office”. The post-pandemic increase in working from home can then substantially level the existing unequal spatial distribution of opportunity and development.

10 April 2024: 12.00 - 17.00, including lunch and drink at the end.


The programme features an opening lecture by Davide Rigo (LSE), followed by contributions from several scholars and policy researchers:

Prof. Joop Schippers | UU | Employers, workers and hybrid work – the struggle continues

Dr. Marije Hamersma | KiM | Developments in working from home and consequences for mobility

Dr. Mina Akhavan | TUDelft | R(evolution) of Spaces for Work, Flexworking, and Empowering Women: why we need female-oriented coworking?

Christian Hoefnagel, MSc | UU | The impact of WfH on size and composition of core-periphery labor migration flows

Dr. Mathieu Steijn | VU | The persistence and nature of the labor reallocation shock of the COVID-19 crisis

Attendance is free, thanks to financial support from Institutions for Open Societies at UU as well as the Regional Science Association Nederland.

The workshop is organized by Martijn Smit, and Christian Hoefnagel,, together with prof. Carolina Castaldi

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