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The legal battle against lawful products or services that are potentially threatening to human health.

Sugar, tobacco, sun cream, recycled cardboard, artificial grass, mobile phones, computer games and the internet are just some examples of products and services that are lawful, but at the same time are potentially threatening to human health. Other circumstances can also endanger human health, for instance, climate change and unhealthy air. Cancer, obesity, addiction, premature death from dehydration or air pollution and other threats are lurking. The aim of this year’s UCALL Congress is to inquiry whether and how to battle these potential dangers to society.

How are the different fiels of law related?

The congress will approach these issues from a multidimensional perspective. What should be the role of tort law, administrative law, criminal law, European law and public international law? How are they interrelated? What do external insights, such as law & economics, philosophy and psychology, teach us? And what is or should be the role of the legislator, the inspectors, and the judiciary in this battle? This multidimensional approach will be reflected in a key note session with speakers from tort law, administrative law and law & economics. In the afternoon session, a wide variety of workshops will be offered to stimulate the discussions on the legal battle against lawful but potentially lethal products, services and environmental issues.

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This conference is organised by by a team of researchers from the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law:

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