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Zooming in and zooming out: the color chart of digital technology in mathematics education

Prof. Dr. Paul Drijvers, Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University

Over three decades, digital technology has been playing an increasingly important role in mathematics education practices, and has impacted on educational research in the field. Still, both teachers and researchers are struggling with the questions this raises, not only to teaching and assessment, but also to educational goals and curricula, theories on learning and research methods. In this talk, I will try to provide an overview of past and present developments in this multi-colored landscape of tools, teaching and theory, and speculate on future developments.

Paul Drijvers is scientific director and full professor in mathematics education at the Freudenthal Institute of Utrecht University's Science Faculty. As scientific director, he is responsible for the institute's research program. His research interests include the role of ICT in mathematics education, mathematical thinking, and embodiment in mathematics education. 



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