Critical Pathways Community Feast


This workshop is part of a series of events organized by Critical Pathways Fellow Tonio Flores. 

Picture of Critical Pathways Fellow Tonio Flores


Critical Pathways and Casco Art Institute warmly invite you to this closing Community Feast, to conclude the series of activities organized with Critical Pathways Fellow Tonio Flores.

To celebrate our thinking and gathering on just food systems, we will cook a meal together. Produce from Pinoy farmers, artisans, and foragers, will be made into a simple community feast. We can read heritage ingredients, foraged food, community-shared agriculture shares as anti-commodities, as ways to collectively reimagine our food systems outside of global trade and capital motive.

Communal cooking, and eating together is also another form of dialogue, in this gathering we are invited to critically reflect, metabolize, and embody the Food Justice Manifesto as a shared practice.


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