How to prevent discrimination in the platform economy?

Online marketplaces such as Uber and Airbnb are vulnerable to unintentional discrimination. As the platforms gather tremendous amounts of data, some users have less chance of a ‘match’ due to their background. However, at the same time, platforms can also provide solutions for preventing discrimination inside and outside the platform economy. The platforms can be used as a microcosmos, a laboratory, in which possible solutions can be tested.

Is it possible to use the processes within the platform economy in such a way as to diminish the chances of discrimination? In February, Utrecht University hosted a workshop on the topic of the prevention of discrimination in the platform economy. Associate professor Rense Corten, researcher Judith Kas and platform expert Martijn Arets discussed the subject with Lex Thijssen (SCP - The Netherlands Institute for Social Research ) and four platform entrepreneurs. For a full report of the workshop in Dutch, see below.