23 October 2019

‘Flipping the classroom’

A series of educational videos about basic principles in mathematics made lecturer Karin Rebel’s life a lot simpler. She made the videos in an attempt to reduce the differences in the learning levels of her students. And it worked.

Jasper van Winden op het scherm van een laptop.
Jasper van Winden. Foto: Robin Alysha Clemens

Providing students with videos of the material to watch and allowing them to ask questions in advance – also known as ‘flipping the classroom’ – has two benefits: the students enter the class more prepared and motivated, and Karin can tailor her classes to her student's needs.

The education innovation programme Educate-it supports teachers and students in the practical use of existing technology and in the design of new educational tools. For instance, lecturer Jasper van Winden makes educational videos  in which students can ask questions and provide feedback. This new way of teaching makes students interact with the material more actively, giving Jasper a better insight into which topics need to be brought up during classes.