Care for sick foals

Photodocumentary foal brigade

Every year from 1 March, the faculty's foal brigade is on standby. They provide sick, newborn foals with the best treatment and intensive care as soon as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The foal brigade is unique in the Netherlands. A team of specialists, animal care workers and students has been caring for sick foals since 1991. The students receive special training as foal brigadiers every year starting in December.

Veterinary medicine student Michelle Hendrikx and Mathijs Theelen, internal diseases specialist and coordinator of the foal brigade, examine the sick foal.

Student Michelle Hendrikx: 'Being part of the foal brigade is a great and educational experience. I learned how to insert a tube, administer medication, take blood, and I was allowed to attend an operation in the OR. The work can also be tough, the foals are often very sick. The foal in the pictures was born way too early but fortunately did well. Here she was allowed to stand by the mare already, which is always a wonderful moment.'

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Vetscience international issue 4