Study programme

At University College Roosevelt, you can follow courses within four different departments, namely Arts & Humanities (A&H), Engineering (ENG), Science (SCI) and Social Science (SSC). To finish the program within three years, you take four courses per semester, each of which is worth 7.5 ECTS. There are 15 weeks of classes, with two meetings per course every week. In total, you will have 30 classes of two hours per course during the semester. In order to allow you to be broadly educated and have deep knowledge within a few disciplines, the program follows a three-level course-structure:

  • 100-level (introductory): These courses have no prerequisites and, unless specified otherwise, are open to all students.
  • 200-level (intermediate): These courses are generally only open to students who have successfully completed one or more prerequisite courses at the 100-level.
  • 300-level (advanced): These courses are only open to students who have successfully completed one or more prerequisite courses at 200-level.

A 100, 200, and 300 level course together form a full track in one of the departments. There are also various obligatory courses, which you can learn more about on the UCR website

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    Class format

    The 16 hours of classes that you are required to follow each week, contain a mixture of (guest) lectures, debates, student presentations, fieldwork, and individual work. All classes are taught in English. Outside of class, students are required to do a substantial amount of homework, up to a maximum of ten hours per course per week. This high pace ensures that, although the semesters are only 15 weeks long, students can still excel academically and be well-prepared for postgraduate programs.

    The Departments

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    Arts and Humanities Department

    • Antiquity
    • Art History
    • Film & Media
    • History
    • Linguistics
    • Literature
    • Musicology
    • Music Performing
    • Philosophy
    • Religious Studies
    • Rhetoric & Argumentation
    • Electives: Languages (Dutch & French) 
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    Engineering Department 

    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 
    • Electronics
    • Energy & Flow
    • Sustainable Materials
    • Interdisciplinary Projects (mandatory for all Engineering majors)
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    Science Department

    • Biomedical Science (Pre-Medical Program)
    • Chemistry
    • Cognitive Science
    • Computer Science
    • Earth & Environmental Science
    • Ecology
    • Life Science (Pre-Medical Program)
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • General (laboratory and Science and Society)
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    Social Science Department

    • Anthropology
    • Economics
    • Human Geography
    • Law
    • Political Science 
    • Psychology
    • Research Methods & Statistics
    • Sociology

    More information about the academic program offered at UCR:

    Academic Program