Prof. dr. P.E. (Petra) de Jongh

Prof. dr. P.E. (Petra) de Jongh

Materials Chemistry and Catalysis
+31 30 253 1747

“Catalysis plays a crucial role in the energy transition.”

Research focus: nanomaterials, catalysts, renewable energy, hydrogen

Petra de Jongh is Professor of Catalysts and Energy Materials in the group of Materials Chemistry and Catalysis at the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science of Utrecht University. She is active in the field of catalysts: materials that enable efficient chemical conversions and thus contribute to reducing energy and raw material consumption and waste production. She also has a special interest in subjects related to renewable energy: hydrogen, batteries, electrocatalysis and catalysts to make sustainable fuels and chemical building blocks from CO2 and water.

Hydrogen and Batteries

Research into sustainable hydrogen forms already since 15 years an important part of de Jongh's scientific work. It can be used for all sorts of applications and is also the only fuel that does not emit CO 2 when burnt. It is possible to store energy in hydrogen and convert it into electricity at a later time. In addition, if using effective catalysts, hydrogen can be used to convert nitrogen and CO 2 into fertilisers, liquid fuels and chemical building blocks. In addition, de Jongh and her colleagues are working on the development of a next generation of batteries that no longer contain fluids and are therefore even safer and lighter. These batteries can be used for portable electronics and cars. With the development of these advanced energy materials she contributes to the sustainable energy transition.

Areas of interest:

  • Supported Catalysts
  • Nanomaterials
  • CO2 conversion
  • Storage and conversion of renewable energy
  • Batteries

Picture: Ed van Rijswijk

Catalysts and Energy Materials
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