dr. Bodine Romijn is a researcher and teacher at the Department of Development and Education of Youth in Diverse Societies (DEEDS). She was appointed in 2023 as assistant professor in light of the SSH Sectorplans to support the discipline of educational sciences and teacher professionalization. Her work focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion in early childhood and primary education. She studies professionals' intercultural competences and the role organizations play in supporting and facilitating their staff in implementing culturally sensitive and inclusive practices.


Currently, she is involved in the Dutch National Child Care Monitor (LKK) funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. She also participates in the Eramus + BECERID project, using the latest scientific insights to write blog messages on the topic of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the early years workforce (0-6 years old) in The Netherlands (EarlyYearsBlog.nl) and the rest of Europe (EarlyYearsBlog.eu). She was previously involved in the European Horizon2020 ISOTIS project aiming to contribute to effective practice and policy to combat early arising and persisting educational inequalities.