Extracurricular opportunities

For students looking for an extra challenge in addition to their Master's, there are several options. 

Be a teaching assistant

There are frequent opportunities to work as a teaching assistant for one of the Bachelor courses, where you will have the opportunity to lead discussion sections. Most of these courses, but not all, are taught in Dutch.  For more information, consult the Programme Coordinator.

Philosophy outside the classroom

You will have plenty of opportunities to participate in philosophical discussions outside of the classroom:

  • You can take part in the monthly Philosophical Café, organised by the Department in conjunction with a wide range of Dutch intellectuals.
  • You are invited to attend and present at conferences and workshops, including the annual Research Master’s Autumn School (the national conference of the Research School in Philosophy) and the student-organised Philosophers’ Rally.
  • You can participate in the weekly WiP-RMA-Phil (Work in Progress by Research Master’s students in Philosophy, also known as the wippermaffel).

Honouring your curiosity

Utrecht University offers several honours programmes for students looking for an extra avenue to nurture their curiosity and foster their personal development. Honours education is followed on top of your regular Master’s programme. The UU Honours College offers 4 university-wide honours programmes.

University-wide honours programmes

In these interdisciplinary programmes, you can let your diverse interests run wild as you work on varying social and academic issues together with students from other disciplines. By analysing issues from different perspectives, you’ll learn how to navigate complex societal issues through a broader lens.

In an increasingly interconnected world, learning how to work with people from different fields is a vital skill. After completing these honours programmes you will receive an honours certificate during a festive ceremony. The following programmes are offered: 

For more information on honours education at the UU, go to the Honours College webpage, the honours Instagram, or email us at honourscollege@uu.nl.