Utrecht Bioinformatics Center
Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

Our goal is to further strengthen and promote bioinformatics research within the Utrecht Life Sciences and Sustainability domains. Utrecht Bioinformatics Center (UBC) combines data from various sources and research methods to gain a better insight in the various cellular processes. By sharing knowledge and methods our approach allows for the integration of information at the level of DNA, genes, proteins and metabolites, thus yielding a comprehensive picture.

The UBC community brings together Utrecht-based research groups each with a varied area of bioinformatics expertise, providing education for our life scientist of the future. By coordinating the High Performance Compute facility UBC provides access to a solid facility to compute the increased amount of data generated, for eighteen different research groups from UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and the Hubrecht Institute. 


16 March 2017
Science-publicatie about a relatively simple system that puzzled researchers for 10 years
Marine virusses
22 September 2016
Publication Nature bioinformatician Bas Dutilh
Alexandre Bonvin
1 April 2016
Alexandre Bonvin tells us about his research and what the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center means to him.