Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics

Biological systems are complex systems composed of many spatially distributed building blocks. Understanding the evolution, dynamics and emergent behavior of complex biological systems requires a systems biology approach, involving quantitative biology, mathematical modelling, computer simulation and bioinformatics.


Rob J. de Boer
Berend Snel


Alexandre Bonvin
1 April 2016
Alexandre Bonvin tells us about his research and what the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center means to him.
Berend Snel
12 February 2016
Snel wants to determine whether there is a system behind the phenomenon of similar genes fulfilling different functions in different organisms.
Prof. Rob de Boer
17 December 2015
Cell-publicatie: De aanmaak van bloedcellen en van cellen die betrokken zijn bij de afweerreactie van ons lichaam, verloopt ingewikkelder dan verondersteld.