We're exploring the biochemical foundations of life.

Without understanding how things work, we can’t fix them when they’re broken. In this day of modern diseases, this is critical. Fundamental science - biology, chemistry, physics, math – is our toolbox with which we can make smart solutions for medicine, our environment and technology.

All Nobel Prize winners are awarded for their discoveries that fill a gap in our current knowledge. The ‘spill-over’ from their findings generate progress and shape our society. We recognize the importance of scientific curiosity and have created the Science for Life domain in Utrecht that serves as a breeding ground for our innovation ecosystem. 

The research and discoveries in this domain bring diversity, insight and detail to our understanding of how life and its components work. Focus areas include molecular and cellular biology, pharmaceutical science and plant biology. Using highly advanced technologies, such as NMR spectroscopy, bioinformatics and nanotechnology, we’re finding solutions for health and environmental challenges. 


Albert Heck wint belangrijkste internationale prijs op het gebied van proteomics
3 September 2013
The HUPO “Discovery Award in Proteomic Sciences” has been awarded to prof. Albert J.R. Heck of Utrecht University.
Parasietenpopulatie laten krimpen met een virus
29 April 2013
Researchers of Utrecht University and the VU Amsterdam studied the Triatoma virus, which kills insects that spread Chagas disease.
Alexander van den Oudenaarden quantitative biology
28 February 2013
Alexander van Oudenaarden appointed as Professor of Quantitative Biology of Gene regulation