NMR Spectroscopy

The SON NMR Large-Scale Facility is hosted by the NMR Spectroscopy group of the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research and was established in 1993. It provides access to state-of-the-art solution state as well as solid state NMR equipment to both Dutch and international researchers. In addition to the NMR machine park, SONNMRLSF harbors an extensive computational infrastructure for Molecular Modelling, NMR structure calculations and docking simulations. The facility can also provide advanced training of young scientists.

Links with other infrastructures

The NMR facility has links with EU ESFRI project Instruct (in which the Bijvoet Center, together with the NKI and Leiden University forms the Dutch access node) and participates in EU-funded infrastructure projects for computational structural biology and biomolecular NMR and is part of the ESFRI project Instruct. The NMR site also acts as an European e-Infrastructure provider for Grid computing under the name of the WeNMR project and is the host of the collaborative uNMR-NL project to obtain a 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer for the Netherlands.

Available technologies

The solution state NMR infrastructure of the NMR spectroscopy at the Bijvoet Center of Utrecht University group consists of a 900 MHz, a 750 MHz and two 600 MHz NMR spectrometers completely up to date with respect to current and future needs of high resolution NMR. The 900 and one of the 600 MHz spectrometers are equipped with cryprobe systems for enhanced sensitivity. One of the 500 MHz spectrometers is equipped with a laser system for light-related NMR experiments. A second laser (Argon-laser) is present, for example, for CIDNP-related NMR experiments. The solid state NMR the infrastructure of the NMR spectroscopy group at the Bijvoet Center of Utrecht University has a 500 MHz wide-bore, a 700 MHz narrow-bore spectrometer and 400 MHz and 800MHz narrow bore spectrometers with the possibility to perform DNP experiments. The facility will also host a new 950 Mhz and eventually 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer as part of the uNMR-NL NWO Roadmap project. Developed by the NMR spectroscopy group at the Bijvoet Center of Utrecht University, several web portals provide access to powerful software packages ported. A wide range of structural biology related software packages are available covering the many stages in NMR structure calculation, molecular dynamics simulations and structure modelling.

For more information, procedures for access to the facility and for contact details, please visit the website of the NMR facility.