Discussing Terrorism in the Classroom

Security in Open Societies

In this new article, published in July in the journal Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Beatrice de Graaf et al. discusses in which ways pupils look at terrorism.


Helping pupils understand what happens

In this article, the researchers examine what pupils already know about terrorism, and how they deal with recent attacks by terrorists. According to the researchers, a knew historical framework is needed to educate pupils about terrorist movements and their actions. In order to reassure pupils, therefore the right teaching material is needed.


These teaching materials are already developed at Utrecht University. Started by Beatrice de Graaf, TerInfo is a project that aims to help teachers discuss terrorism and other disruptive events in society by providing them with the right materials. The programme has a historical approach, which helps pupils to put current events into perspective. The programme also helps teachers to discuss drastic events in a pedagogical responsible manner. Read more about TerInfo here.

Read the article here.