Bachelor's programme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

bachelor Culturele Antropologie

Cultural anthropology looks at the way in which we as well as others view the world and organise society. Students come to understand differences, similarities as well as connections between cultures and societies in all four corners of the world. The degree programme has culture, identity, power, migration and conflict as its core topics. Students read about and conduct anthropological research to familiarise themselves with the unique methods involved.


One-year Master's programme: Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship

Master Cultural Anthropology - Sustainable Citizenship

The one-year Master's programme Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship trains our students to reflect critically as professionals. This programme tackles the issue of sustainable citizenship, with an emphasis on the interaction between people, planet and prosperity. Students conduct ethnographic field work on their own to learn how citizens around the globe attempt to shape a safe and sustainable living environment.


Two-year Research Master's programme: Cultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation

Cultural Anthropology - Sociocultural Transformation (CASTOR)

The Research Master Cultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation prepares for a research career. The program focuses on the relationship between cultural diversity and power within the process of sociocultural transformation. The program includes a strong methodological and practical basis for ethnographic field research, both on location and in virtual domains. The master thesis is based on a mandatory four months period of ethnographic fieldwork.