Ceremony Teacher Awards 2020: Gerda Andringa and Lorena De Vita

Each year, Utrecht University presents two prestigious Teacher Awards

Teacher Talent Lorena de Vita (left) and Outstanding Teacher of the year Gerda Andringa (right))

During the Start of the Academic Year 2020-2021 on 31 August, the prestigious Teacher Awards were awarded. Gerda Andringa, (University College Roosevelt), is the Outstanding Teacher of the year 2020. Lorena De Vita (Faculty of Humanities), received the prize for Teacher Talent. The jury chose these winners because of their inspiring approach to education and the fact that they know how to get the best out of their students.

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Lorena de Vita (fotograaf: Michiel Bles)
Lorena De Vita, History teacher, Faculty of Humanities

Teacher Talent 2020: Lorena De Vita

Lorena De Vita has won the prize for the best Teacher Talent. Lorena has a clear vision on education: she incorporates the concept of the Roman Forum into education. What Lorena finds most important is that every student feels the inclination and freedom to make her voice heard in the classroom. She succeeds in this with verve, by creating a learning environment where debate and exchange are central.

Students also greatly appreciate the fact that Lorena makes use of her network outside the university to bring students into contact with interesting guest speakers from the work field. In this way, she manages to close the gap between theory (that which is learned in class) and practice (what can you do with it?).

Gerda Andringa (fotograaf: Michiel Bles)
Gerda Andringa, Liberal Arts & Sciences, University College Roosevelt

Outstanding Teacher 2020: Gerda Andringa

Gerda Andringa is not afraid to create a learning environment in which she challenges students to work hard and get the best out of themselves. At the same time, students are given plenty of room to make mistakes and start over. In the teaching of Gerda, students are given plenty of personal responsibility and room to develop. She involves the students in their own research: students work together with the instructor on complex interdisciplinary issues, particularly in the area of elderly people with dementia. Gerda knows how to impressively intertwine her research and teaching.