The Hub Security in Open Societies is looking for new members and ideas

Wanted: Enthusiastic researchers with a passion for security

Are you a researcher, filled with good ideas and with a special interest in studying security, radicalization and resilience, and would you like to discuss these topics with researchers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines? Then you might be just the person the Hub Security in Open Societies (SOS) is looking for! The SOS Hub is seeking to collaborate with enthusiastic and inspiring researchers in order to tackle today’s biggest security issues together.

So that you know: all ideas are welcome as long as they have some connection to the topic of security. Ideas for starting projects, interesting themes or topics, cool lecture guests, a podcast idea, and whatever else. Out-of-the-box ideas are very much encouraged at SOS!

What does the SOS Hub do? 

This clip will tell (in a nutshell).

A short animation about Security in Open Societies (English subtitles)
Seminars, podcasts, local research initiatives, and more

What can the SOS Hub offer you?

Besides an impressive network and good connections in the academic world, the SOS Hub has the resources to provide a podium for your ideas. Think of organizing (digital) seminars or reflection sessions with practitioners for instance. Or the chance to think along with local research initiatives. Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to use the SOS podcast channel to pitch and present your research project or initiative. Besides that, SOS offers you the chance to be mentored by one of our researchers and the opportunity to further build your network – for instance by joining our SOS book club. You can also co-author our newsletter with one of SOS’s core members.

Do we still have your attention?

We would like to get to know you! Getting in touch is easy and non-committal and can be done by simply sending an e-mail to In this message you can already briefly go into your ideas, but you do not have to do so. In conversation with one of SOS’s core members we will try and see how we can help you out. We will for instance look into whether a cooperation with SOS is possible or if there are other ways in which SOS can help you. In this way we discover together how you and SOS can join forces! Would you like to stay up-to-date about the Hub Security in Open Societies? Sign up for our newsletter by clicking on the button below. The newsletter is in Dutch. 

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