Utrecht University at The Rule of Law for Oceans conference in Oslo

Trevisanut, Roland Holst, Guggisberg, Blanchard
Rozemarijn Roland Holst, Seline Trevisanut, Solène Guggisberg and Catherine Blanchard.

Four members of Utrecht University's NILOS (Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea) presented their research at the conference "The Rule of Law for Oceans" organized by the University of Oslo on 4-5 November. The conference aimed at analyzing new trends in the law of the sea, international environmental law, and related fields of law, and discussing related to the effectiveness of certain tools and mechanisms.

Sustainable Ocean

Prof. Seline Trevisanut, Senior Research Associate at NILOS and Principal Investigator of the Sustainable Ocean project, gave a keynote address entitled "A Three-Fold Approach to Regime Interaction in Ocean Governance". The address covered some conclusions of the Sustainable Oceans project and offered a new approach to regime interaction based on the relations between institutions, obligations and instruments.

Law of the Sea and Fisheries

Rozemarijn Roland Holst, PhD Fellow and also member of the Sustainable Oceans project, presented aspects of her doctoral research during a talk entitled "The Law of the Sea in the Anthropocene: Challenges of mitigation, adaptation and restoration".

Dr. Solène Guggisberg, Senior Research Associate and Nippon Foundation Senior Fellow, gave a presentation entitled "The role, advantages and challenges of using litigation to achieve sustainable fisheries" as part of her post-doctoral research on fisheries and climate change.

Finally, Catherine Blanchard, PhD Fellow, presented the preliminary conclusions of her doctoral research in a presentation entitled "The elusive search for sustainable high seas fisheries: exploring alternative regulatory and governance mechanisms".