Upgrading of Utrecht Science Park tram stops

The current stops on the route Vaartsche Rijn - Utrecht Science Park will be substantially upgraded in the coming period so that they better meet the wishes and needs of travellers. This includes a better shelter with large canopies and good bus stop lighting. The first seven stops will be completed at the beginning of the coming academic year. The last stop on this stretch will be refurbished at a later date.

The work is being carried out by Epsilion Cities on behalf of the Province of Utrecht

Render Tramhalte Heidelberglaan
Render Heidelberglaan tram stop


Work will take place on weekdays and weekends. On weekdays, the work on the stops will occur between 7 am - 7 pm. A large part of the new shelters, foundations and steel structures, we will make during the weekends from Friday evening 10.30 pm until Monday 05.15 am at the latest.

During the work at a stop, a safety officer constantly supervises. The safety officer watches over the safety of passengers and people working at the stop. The implementation has 4 phases.

  • Phase 1: 30-05-2023 to 26-06-2023 UMC Utrecht & Wilhelmina Children's Hospital/Princess Máxima Centre
  • Phase 2: 30-06-2023 - 28-07-2023 Padualaan & Heidelberglaan
  • Phase 3: 14-08-2023 - 03-09-2023 Stadion Galgenwaard & De Kromme Rijn
  • Phase 4: 14-08-2023 - 03-09-2023 Vaartsche Rijn


Naturally, we will try to minimise disruption during the construction work. However, this cannot be completely ruled out. For example, it is impossible to complete the entire canopy in one weekend. For a maximum period of three weeks, there will be no canopy at the stop.

Noise disturbance during the night will be limited to excavation and lifting work. As previously reported, night work will be limited to the weekends and is expected to take a maximum of 3 weekends per stop.

Further information

If you have any questions about this construction work, please report them here. More information about the work can be found here.