Update on University College Utrecht Campus Relocation

The process for the University College Utrecht campus relocation is ongoing. At the start of 2022, UCU submitted its vision document to UU (Corporate Real Estate and Campus). The vision document, based on input from the UCU relocation working group, the Management Team, and a student-led survey, describes the outcome of the working group's task to explore the ambitions and connections between the UCU organisation/community and its future location. UCU's residential character was heavily illustrated throughout the document, as it is part and parcel of its educational vision. 

We are working hard on finding a suitable new location, but no decisions have been made as of yet. Therefore we can not give an exact timeline of how and when University College Utrecht will relocate. However, we can assure that students accepting their offer for Fall 2023 can finish their degree on the current campus. 

As soon as more information is available we will share it here.