13 March 2018

Top rating and quality seal for Research Master Multidisciplinary Economics

With a score of 78 out of a 100, the Research Masters Multidisciplinary Economics is one of the best in its category. For this reason the master can use the title "top rated programme" and a corresponding quality seal for information and marketing communication. Only de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen can share this honour, their research master in Ecomomics and Business scored a 104 out of a 100, an exceptionally high score.

Assessments of students and accreditation

The Keuzegids (choice guide) Masters was issued on 8 March and is published annually by the Center for Higher Education Information. It is a guide meant for Bachelor's students to help them choose a masters programme. The Keuzegids is compiled on the basis of accreditation decisions of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization and on the basis of student assessments from the National Student Survey. This year more than 740,000 students were invited to give their opinion about their study and educational institution and 36.4% completed the survey.

For each discipline an overview is given of starting salaries with - and this is new this year - an indication of the differences between programs. A total of twelve Utrecht masters finished first in Keuzegids 2018. Just like last year, Utrecht University is fifth in the ranking of nine general universities. The University of Groningen is number one.