The SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Project on REBO Research Day 2018

On 25 June 2018 Prof. Seline Trevisanut presented the SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Project at the REBO Research Day of Utrecht University. 

The REBO Research Day is an event organized by Utrecht University where young and established researchers can share their work and findings with eachother. This year’s Research Day was organized under the overarching theme ‘Resilient Societies’, and provided a platform where researchers of the university could share their work within this area. 

During the presentation, Prof. Trevisanut spoke about the research approach and main aims of the SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Project. She also reported on the progress of the project over the past 2.5 years, and the deliverables achieved therein.  

For more information, please look at the full presentation (pdf) given by Prof. Trevisanut at this event.