The Kramers chair of Theoretical Physics

The Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) is excited to announce that Prof. Randall Kamien (University of Pennsylvania) will be the (visiting) Kramers Professor in February and March 2023.

Prof. Kamien is an extremely versatile theoretical physicist with great contributions to the field of soft matter, in particular the physics and the intricate geometry and topology of liquid crystals. His strong reputation and his broad knowledge across many areas of physics are also reflected by two important editorships, as he has been  Lead Editor of Journal of Modern Physics since 2017 and APS Editor in Chief (including the Physical Review series) since the beginning of 2023. Prof. Kamien is also well known for his high-quality and enthusiastic lectures, and we are excited that he agreed to present a set of lectures on “Geometric and Topological Methods in Materials” in the (national) course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics during his visit.