15 October 2018

REVEAL’s first case study project “The Chantry”

REVEAL’s first case study project, “The Chantry”, was released on September 17th across Europe on the PlayStation®Store. With this project the team won the first prize at the 7th International Educational Games Competition.

The game, which has been developed by The Steel Minions Studio at Sheffield Hallam University, is an Educational Environmental Narrative game created using technologies developed by the project. The educational adaptations for these technologies and an analytical tool were developed by a team at Utrecht University.

In the next stage of the project, all the technology including the source code for “The Chantry”, will be made freely available to other PlayStation developers in order to support the development of future virtual reality experiences based on cultural heritage. In addition, the Utrecht team will be publishing two research papers on the effect of different versions of the game on learning and how present, engaged and interested players feel when playing as well as how hypertext analytical measures can be used to predict learning performance.

The second of REVEAL’s case study applications based on The Imperial Forum in Rome planned for early next year.


Impression of The Chantry